When Treason is Duty

Virtue, religion, and morality are what America needs today. Politicians are becoming tyrants under the guise of securing freedom and liberty. When one’s government becomes tyrannical, treason becomes the duty of the free citizen. With the long and seemingly endless offenses this administration has enacted against American citizens, one must wonder why Americans have not committed honorable treason against their government.

Statesmen, my dear Sir, may plan and speculate for Liberty, but it is Religion and Morality alone, which can establish the Principles upon which Freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of a free Constitution is pure Virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our People in a greater Measure than they have it now, They may change their Rulers and the forms of Government, but they will not obtain a lasting Liberty. They will only exchange Tyrants and Tyrannies.  – Letter to Zabdiel Adams (21 June 1776) John Adams

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 7.21.27 PMA President, Obama, who was elected into a free republic, is now trying to strip away one of the very foundations that allowed America to attain freedom, the right to bear arms. Loretta Lynch and Donald Beyer are among the many who desire to silence “Anti-Islamic Rhetoric” in order to maintain the “right” of Muslims in the USA. Muslims, like ever other group in America, do not have the right to not be insulted. House Resolution 569 aims to silence any such voices that speak against Islam. Instead of fighting the ideology of Islam that honors murder, our politicians want to weaken justice and protect the followers of an infectious creed.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”-Thomas Jefferson

imagesWith a president trying to disarm us, ISIS and its fellow Muslims leaving a blood trail like the fairy leaves dust, a government trying to silence us, and a country lackingmoral guidance, it is time to turn our eyes to the other part of this equation. Tyrants cannot exist without a people to oppress. When our constitutional rights are being tampered with, it is our constitutional duty to defend them. When once looking to overthrow the government was treason, now it is the duty of the American Citizen.

“But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security” The Declaration of Independence 

The American citizen today must follow in the footsteps of the great rebels of the past who saw that America needed to be a more perfect union, a more free society. Dr. Martin Luther King, whose house was once described as an “arsenal”, is one of the greatest. John Brown was another great rebel. We must bring rebellion back. We will do it right, like our forefathers did, with virtue, honor, and integrity.

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