Water Car Drowns In The Memory Hole For Big Oil

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Obama’s recent proposal to tax each barrel of oil at ten dollars should sound like a really terrible idea to everybody. Liberals have to fill up their cars as well. Many of them will probably be on board with this ad hoc “plan,” as crazy as that might seem.  If liberals bothered to think past their presupposition of, “government is the solution to everything,” they would find there is no definitive criteria on how the government will achieve this greener society with this tax increase.
 Will this proposition of Obama’s actually make it to the legislative process? Probably, but the chances of it becoming law are not good. Why are we still haggling over a tax hike on oil in our modern times? Shouldn’t gasoline vehicles be as extinct as dinosaurs by now? We have put men on the moon, and computers that used to be the size of hippos now fit in our pockets. How do we find it plausible that in 2016 we don’t have cool, affordable, zero-emission vehicles on every road in this country? Brace yourself, because the left/ right environmental paradigm is about to come crashing down. Scientists are ignoring science because they have become corporatists. There is a lot of money to be lost in many industries should a zero-emissions vehicle be developed. How much money would be lost and what sectors will lose it?
Currently the federal government collects about .19 cents a gallon on gasoline in taxes, and the average in the nation if state taxes are included is .48 cents per gallon. In 2014, about 136.78 billion gallons of gasoline were consumed in the United States. Annually, the Federal government is making around twenty-four billion, six hundred sixty-million dollars off of gas taxes. When state governments and the federal government tax averages are totaled, it comes to a whopping Sixty-five TRILLION, seven hundred sixty million dollars. Liberals, do you still believe government has a vested interest in lowering fossil fuel consumption?
What about GreenPeace, the world’s largest environmental organization? If we can’t trust the government, surely non-profits can be trusted to fight for the environment! Do you think GreenPeace isn’t making money? It is non-profit, but no one works for free. Without going into too much detail, what happens when GreenPeace wins each of its battles? It will probably look for a new enemy, but someone’s dinner plate is going to go bye-bye eventually. The war on our “carbon footprint,” is a big slice of that pie.
Maybe the republicans have it right then? Maybe the ingenuity of corporate America will eventually prevail and fossil fuel will be only a distant memory. If the U.S. government is making huge amounts of capital off of the oil industry, how much are the oil companies making? The total revenue of the big five oil companies in America stood at 93 BILLION in 2013. While this dwarfs what the State and Federal government can collect from taxing the oil industry, this much money is nothing to laugh at. Total revenue spent lobbying politicians stacks up at about 129 million dollars in 2015. The oil industry is not spending money lobbying for vehicles that don’t run on gas, but the oil industry might consider shutting down that type of project.
 Governments, private corporations, and environmentalist groups all have small battles to fight with each other. But they all have one thing in common. Zero-emissions ends their financial game. This is the unspoken compromise so that big oil stays alive, governments continue to make money taxing gasoline, and GreenPeace can continue to push for stronger regulations as long as they are not too strong. All three can stay in business by halting zero-emissions technology. The C02 battle is just a way for government to tax the tailpipe of your car as well.
What most people don’t know is that this technology has been in existence since 1988. Stan Myers invented a car that ran purely off of water.  After one news report from Action Six News in Groveport, Ohio, the water car seems to have dropped off the map. Stan died of a heart attack while meeting with investors. A court case brought against him determined his technology to be fraud. According to Action Six News the pentagon took a shine to possibly using it for the Reagan star wars program. Don’t believe it? Here is the footage from 1988. What is the right question to ask here? If you know you are committing fraud, why would you have the pentagon come out and take a look at the vehicle?

What is the takeaway message here? Liberals should stop government enforced corporatism from squashing the little guy that invents technology like the water car. Conservatives should stop pretending the U.S. has a truly free market when the reality shows obvious government collusion with corporations. If we don’t kick out the special interests, band together to truly reform this country, the future is never!


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