Vox Shot – Episode 8 – 03/17/16

In today’s news Pope Francis asks Europe to open its doors to the migrants. Is it ok for people to disagree with the Pope on this issue? Is it ok for people to disagree with the Pope on any issue? The Pope seems to disagree with himself on this issueWhat does the Catholic Church teach? Many Catholic’s might be surprised.

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Quotes From Today Headlines:

 1. “Just last week, Pope Francis told a group of French Christians that Europe’s migrant crisis constitutes a veritable “Arab invasion,” referring to the million-plus mostly Muslim migrants that arrived on Europe’s shores last year and continue to flood the old continent from the south and the east.The Pope, in fact, placed the inundation of Muslim migrants in the context of invasions that Europe has suffered in the past, immediately adding: “How many invasions has Europe suffered in its history!”

Indeed, Europe—as Roman Empire and as Christendom—underwent nearly non-stop invasions from the earliest centuries up through the modern age. From the Huns to the Vandals, from the Visigoths to the Moors and the Ottoman Turks, Europe has always been a coveted prize for prospective invaders.”

2. “During the last year, more than 1.1 million migrants entered the European Union and the unabated flow has prompted countries along the main migration corridor through the Balkans to seal their borders, leaving tens of thousands encamped in Greece.

The Pope compared today’s migrants to the people of Israel who were deported to Babylon in the 7th century BC, as recounted in the Biblical book of the prophet Jeremiah.

“How many of our brothers and sisters are living in this time a real and dramatic situation of exile,” Francis said, “far from their homeland, still in their eyes the reflection of their homes reduced to rubble, their hearts full of fear and often, unfortunately, sorrow at the loss of loved ones!”

“And when they try to go somewhere else, they find the door closed to them,” Francis continued, “There they are, at the border, because so many doors and so many hearts are closed. Today’s migrants suffer from the cold, without food and with no way to enter. They do not feel welcome.”

“How it pleases me to hear of nations and rulers who open their hearts and open their doors!” he said.”

3. “The real and radical return from exile and the comforting light after the darkness of the crisis of faith, is realized at Easter,” Francis said, “in the experience full and definitive love of God, the merciful love that gives joy, peace and eternal life.”


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