Vox Shot – Ep 34 – Jews Must Die

In today’s news a Mufti wants to kill the Jews and atheists. Could the Paris attack and Brussels attack been prevented? Also in the news, Aljazeera America is closing up shop. This and more in today’s Vox Shot.

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Quotes From Today’s Headlines:

  1. “Allah, punish Your enemies, the enemies of religion, count their numbers and kill them to the last one, and bring them a black day. Allah, punish the wicked Jews, and those among the atheists who help them. Allah, we ask that You bestow upon us respect and honor by enabling us to repel them, and we ask You to save us from their evil.In the past, Friday sermons calling for Muslims to exterminate Israelis and Jews were common. These included sermons by the Mufti, the Palestinian Authority’s highest religious authority, who said it was Muslims’ destiny to kill Jews. However, following their exposure by groups like PMW, foreign governments put pressure on the PA to stop broadcasting them.”
  2. “That disclosure was made by an Israeli security source speaking on Monday to Fox News.

    According to the source, shortly after the January 7, 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, French authorities rejected an Israeli offer of software that could have “connected” the dots to uncover Islamic terrorist cells embedded in Europe.

    The offer was made directly to the Directorate-General for Internal Security, the head of France’s main intelligence agency, the source said.

    “French authorities liked it, but the official came back and said there was a higher-level instruction not to buy Israeli technology,” FoxNews.com quoted the well-placed Israeli counter-terror specialist as saying. “The discussion just stopped.”

  3. “The announcement of AJAM’s closure coincides with a decision by its global parent company to commit to a significant expansion of its worldwide digital operations into the U.S. market.

    “As audiences increasingly turn to multiple platforms, including mobile devices, for news and information, this expansion will allow U.S. and non-U.S. consumers alike to access the network’s journalism and content wherever and whenever they want,” the Al Jazeera Media Network said in a statement. “By expanding its digital content and distribution services to now include the U.S., the network will be better positioned to innovate and compete in an overwhelmingly digital world to serve today’s 24-hour digitally focused audience.”

    Anstey praised the Al Jazeera America staff as “a brilliant team made up of the most committed, professional and dedicated people … In the months to come, we will do everything that we can to support you, to work with you and to ensure you are shown the respect you deserve.”

    Despite its initial struggle for TV ratings, the newcomer network was quickly and repeatedly recognized by its industry peers for the excellence of its journalism. Within months of launching, AJAM began collecting prestigious prizes — from Peabody, Emmy, Gracie, Eppy and DuPont awards to a Shorty Award, for best Twitter newsfeed, and Newswomen’s Club of New York’s Front Page awards and citations from groups such as the National Association of Black Journalists and the Native American Journalism.

    Anstey said AJAM made slow but steady progress in recent months in growing its audience. “Our editorial excellence was demonstrated time and time again on the major stories of recent months,” he wrote. “And we continue to win praise from our colleagues in the industry and from our viewers for the quality of our output.”


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