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… we recently ran a podcast titled Terror in Tennessee. It was reported by several sources that an Imam, professor, and Dean at Rhodes college in Memphis had been saying some very nasty things about Christians and Jews. After further review we here at Vox Populi News found his response indicating that the tapes of him had been spliced, and he is accusing the person of slander. We here at Vox Shot take this accusation very seriously and have looked into this allegation of slander.

In today’s news, authorities have discovered that the Brussels brothers, responsible for the suicide bombs in Brussels, helped supply arms for the Paris terror attacks in November. A visiting Imam in Florida says it is compassionate to kill gays, and an Imam, and professor at prestigious Rhodes college in Memphis Tn. says that that Christian’s are urine and feces, or filth. He further states that they should have their lives taken and property confiscated.

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Quotes From Today’s Headlines:

Brothers Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui, the suicide bombers who hit Brussels last month, obtained the weapons and explosives for those attacks and for November’s carnage in Paris, the Islamic State (Isis) group said Wednesday.” 
2. “He’s not some crazy Imam in the Middle East. He’s a college professor at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, who was described by New York Times Magazine as “one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam.”

3.” (CNN)Unarmed Russian fighter jets made two extremely close overflights this week of the USS Donald Cook, sailing in the Baltic Sea, CNN has learned.

Navy officials are not commenting publicly, but inside the Pentagon there is an intense discussion about releasing video and still photos of the Russian encounter to demonstrate the danger the jets posed to the ship, a U.S. official told CNN.
One of the Russian jets flew within 75 feet of the Cook’s ship superstructure.
The initial reports indicate the two concerning encounters occurred Tuesday night in international waters. A third overflight, at a more acceptable distance, happened Sunday, according to the source.
The Navy released video of the incident on YouTube on Wednesday afternoon.

4. “The United States and Russia have an agreement that dates back to 1972 that is supposed to prevent this type of behavior, according to the defense official. Turkey shot down a Russian jet of the same type in late-2015 after the aircraft entered Turkish airspace.The defense official tells Fox News the Russian jets conducted 20 passes in the Baltic Sea incident Monday, ignoring repeated radio calls from the Navy destroyer. The U.S. Navy was able to take photographs and video of the incident and plans on releasing the footage soon.

The USS Donald Cook came no closer than 70 nautical miles of Kaliningrad, Russia. The defense official suspects the Russian aircraft flew from Kaliningrad.

This is not the first time this U.S. Navy destroyer has seen Russian planes up close. In April 2014, Russian jets buzzed the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea in a similar provocative fashion.

It comes as comes as the U.S. and Russia take part in talks to end the Syrian civil war. The State Department also thanked Russia last week for helping to secure the release of a U.S. citizen from Syria.


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