Vox Shot 45-Friday the 13th!

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In honour of Friday the 13th, we have decided to bring you Islam’s myths and superstitions as well as Muhammad’s dealings with the Jinn!

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Muhammad was also extremely superstitious. He believed:

  • A child resembles whichever parent climaxed first (Bukhari 55:546)
  • Satan causes yawning (Bukhari 73:245)
  • Spoons should be covered before going to bed (Bukhari 69:527)
  • Oversleeping is caused by Satan urinating in one’s ear (Bukhari 54:492)
  • The bathroom should be entered with the left foot first. (Fiqh – Islamic law)
  • Keeping a dog as a pet will cost the owner a celestial reward (Bukhari 67:389)
  • A man should spit only to his left (Muslim 7149)
  • The penis should be held with the left hand only when urinating (Muslim 512)
  • A person should wipe their butt with an odd number of stones after defecating (Bukhari 4:163)
  • Satan sleeps in ones nose, so water should be snorted each day (Bukhari 54:516)
  • No one should lie on their back with one foot crossing the other.
  • Bad dreams can be warded off by spitting over the left side of the bed (Bukhari87:115)
  • The right shoe should be put on before the left (Muslim 514)
  • No one should enter the house through the back door (Quran 2:189)

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