Vox Shot 41- CAIR Pedophile

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Among those 22 arrested was Ahmad Saleem, a Muslim youth coordinator and the Orlando coordinator for CAIR.

“He’s well-known as a community outreach leader interacting with teens in and around the Orlando area,” said Judd. The car Saleem traveled in had a license plate that said, “Invest in children.”

Saleem is the founder of the Saleem Academy, an organization “empowering Muslim youth globally.” A note posted at the Academy website Tuesday read, “Closed. May God bless you, guide you, and illuminate the right path for you, and keep you firm on it. Keep me in your prayers.”

Here is the arrest record for the CAIR pedophile:


Pedophilia in the News

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines pedophilia as an intense and recurrent sexual interest in prepubescent children, and a disorder if it causes a person “marked distress or interpersonal difficulty” or if the person acts on his interests.

Yet our laws ignore pedophilia until after the commission of a sexual offense, emphasizing punishment, not prevention.

Muhammad had sex with a nine-year-old girl, and he allowed his followers to rape their female captives. We’ve seen the horrifying results of Muhammad’s example and teachings in Great Britain (not to mention in Iraq, Syria, and Nigeria). Now we’re seeing the results in the U.S. 


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