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Trumpster Cry Babies

On today’s Vox Shot Farrah and I discuss why Trump supporters may be the cause of their candidates demise. Here are some of the various comments we got from the article I posted yesterday suggesting the possibility of a third party that could iron out issues that democrats and republicans seem incapable of achieving. The verbal lashing from the Church of Trump is astounding, but not unexpected.

  1. Trump is the man. Sorry, but I’m done here.
  2. we are all entitled to our own opions. I do not push my throughts and beliefs on you, so do not push your on me, keep them to yourself
  3. we have spoke many times and it really upsets me what you just posted. Explain to me “what he has said” that upsets you cause what you supposed to have heard is wrong bc someone like you would be in his corner. Many of my westernized Muslim friends who agree with you support trump. So unless you can provide proof of your hate for Trump YOU ARE SAYING you hate Americans first
  4. o what are you saying then when you bash a man who wants to put AMERICANS first? I don’t care your back ground cause I have supported you from day 1 and your beliefs but for you to question a man who puts American needs first amazes me
  5. I can’t stress how disappointed I am in you Farrah Prudence. I have fought for you and people like you and this post really makes me rethink my support of you

These are just a sampling of some of the comments. The accusations towards Farrah are unwarranted. She hired me on to bring a different set of opinions to Vox Populi News, and that is what I am doing. Some people even accused her of making the statements from the article. This leads me to believe most people simply read the first few paragraph’s she posted, assumed she wrote the article, and never checked to see the author was me. This country is losing the ability to compromise to bring a greater good. The Bernie Sanders supporters and Trump supporters represent a hardcore extremism that will rip this country apart. Do I agree with Hillary? No. I am not in anyway a democrat, or a supporter of the culture death they represent. Send the flack my way folks. Listen to Farrah’s opinion on today’s Vox Shot.


The point of my article today was to show that compromise is possible. Politics is the art of what is possible, even among Catholics. It is not dogmatic Church teaching. However, we can certainly put an end to the most horrid aspects of the culture of death. I am aware of Church teaching on capital punishment. I am also aware that the Catholic Church and many liberal Catholics are against it as well. I know libertarians won’t be too pleased about a living wage. The idea here is for the adults that are left in this country to gather around a table and put together a last ditch effort to save this place.

-Anthony Chiozza


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