GCC Vs. Iran

441“The leader of the Bahraini Armed Air Forces announced on Wednesday that the countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are working together to build a joint defensive missile system, pointing out that the results of this will possibly be announced soon.

Barack Obama reassured his commitment to building the Gulf defense system during Camp David in May of 2015. Joint reports mentioned that the USA will guarantee the speedy transport of weapons to the Gulf countries and sending a team to the area to research the details of the operation. The report also mentions that the USA and the countries if the Gulf are going to work together to thwart the Iranian activity that jeopardizes the stability of the area.”

The above were snippets from an article posted by Aljazeera.net.  The article is very clear on the intention, direction and reason for such a coalition and missile system.

At a time when the Unites States seems to be blindly putting faith in Iran with the infamous Iran Deal, Obama is also arming its neighboring countries while trying to disarm American citizens.

Riyad- Saudi Arabia-1937

To those who have no idea what the Arab Gulf is like, these were nations that pretty much jumped on board with the rest of the world starting with the oil boom. Prior to discovering oil under the desert sands, they were Bedouins that were famous for their hospitality but whose greatest achievement in the entire history of their race was producing Muhammad Bin Abdallah, an illiterate man from Quraysh who claimed to be the final prophet and is responsible for well over 270 million deaths and endless miseries around the world over the last 1400 years. That is neither here nor there, actually it is, but lets get back to the point. Oil was discovered and all of a sudden, towers, princes and tourism are on the rise in those countries.

Riyad today
Riyad today

The money kept coming and those “locals” put up their hands and opened their wallets. Almost everything in the country is run by other people: Engineers, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, teachers, nurses and even maids and servants came from other countries. American bases spread around there and they helped train and arm their very small military forces. However, the general understanding was that no military force would ever be needed and if ever that happened then big brother, the USA, would pretty much deal with it for them.

Big brother is currently taking a walk on the dark side. While Obama is working as hard as he can between vacations to turn Iran loose on the world, he is taking his own sweet time trying to help the Sunni Arab Gulf protect itself from Iran, its Shiite enemy just across the Gulf.

For the Arab Gulf to be in a panic with Qatar purchasing weapons publicly from Germany and now working on getting a defense


system, something is brewing and it ain’t good! If you have ever lived in those countries, you know that nothing happens quickly and that they generally have an extremely laid back disposition on the world. With all of their wealth and power, they have hardly lifted a finger to try and help their Sunni pals in Syria, Iraq, Egypt or anywhere else.

I do believe ladies and gentlemen that the Arab Gulf is “bugging out.” They are watching, waiting and keeping their resources to themselves while prepping for an Iranian attack. I have lived in the U.A.E and I know for a fact, if they are starting to walk, I should be running by now!


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