The Republican party has been in self destruct mode for at least a decade, if not more. George Bush Jr. ran the largest debt of any President before Obama broke the record again. One can hardly call this conservative. Cronyism exists within the fine machinery of the party at the delegate level, and cannot be expunged. With Trump’s victory sealed, we have finally crossed the Rubicon my fellow conservatives. It is not only time to avoid voting for Trump, and turn off Fox news, but it is also time to form a third party. The one “true” Church of Trump has abandoned reason, so I don’t make any appeal to anyone that would support him after the heinous things he has said. Further, I will not bother to list them, as we all know them well.

Liberals Listen Up

 I appeal not only to my fellow Republicans, but most especially to my fellow Catholics on both sides of the political aisle. If you happen to be democrat, please attempt to finish reading this article, as we have a unique opportunity in the history of this country. If you are democrat, and Catholic, perhaps it is time for you to take a hard look at your party. The progressive left has become your enemy as well. They support murdering babies, the profanation of marriage, sodomy, grown men entering the little girls room on demand, and I doubt it will be long before they tell us that pedophila is just the way some people were made. Is the possibility of some minute economic gain for the poor, or yourself, worth all of these crimes against God’s Law? As Jesus said, “It is written, Not in bread alone doth man live, but in every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God.”

The Proposal

The proposal is simple. Catholics at the grassroots level should now quickly mobilize and abandon their respective parties. We should band together and create a Catholic party that is against the death penalty, against abortion, for a living wage, for economic reform which includes bank reform, against unjust war, for the defense of this nation against true enemies foreign and domestic, for a balanced budget, for paying off the national debt, and finally for a strong country based on God’s Law that we can proudly hand on to our children and grandchildren. The time is now! There will be no other time for this. If we do not stand up now, our posterity will remember us with disgust, because at the moment when this nation was in its death throes, we rolled over and let it happen.


Wait, but let us be honest, these two factions could NEVER come together. Not true. We live in one of the wealthiest nations in the world. All Catholics’ of good will lack is the wherewithal to unite, because they are so attached to their respective ideas on how to solve economic problems. This compromise, which the country can’t seem to reach, can be reached within a Catholic political party. Will it be difficult to iron out? You bet, but it has to be done. We fund countries that hate us. Drop the funding. The social justice warriors in the Catholic party can allocate that money as they see fit. The military isn’t strong enough? Cut the fat where military spending is not helping us, and reallocate it to sectors of the military that will turn us into a lean, mean, fighting machine. Finally, take a portion from each area of the fat and use it to pay down the national debt. This is not rocket science, and who knows what new ideas we could create working together!

This Plan Is Not Pragmatic

This sounds great on paper, but it just isn’t pragmatic. Hillary, or Trump will still win the election. That might well be true, but let this former teacher give you a quick lesson in political maneuvering. The worst case scenario is that Trump, or Hillary will win the election. This gives our new Catholic party time to organize and consolidate more power. Consider how many more people will be disenchanted with our political process after four years of one of those two! It will be easy to draw more voters into the ranks of the party, as it would attract democrats that are for taking care of the poor, fiscal conservatives that want to pay off the national debt, and members from third parties that share similar values, but simply can’t muster the political clout they need after many years of trying. Don’t forget Evangelicals and other protestants that would find common cause with us! Finally, I would say that if we don’t at least try, we deserve the inevitable descent into destruction that will occur.


Fight For This Nation!

It goes without saying, that the first weapon in our earthly battles should be prayer. After all, we truly battle principalities and powers. Please pray, discern your conscience, and most importantly act on this if you believe this can work. How can it not work if we have Faith? After all, we belong to the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church that Jesus Christ founded on Peter the Rock. With God, all things are possible! Do not despair! Stand and fight! Our Lady of Guadalupe, Empress of the Americas, ora pro nobis!


The point of my article today was to show that compromise is possible. Politics is the art of what is possible, even among Catholics. It is not dogmatic Church teaching. However, we can certainly put an end to the most horrid aspects of the culture of death. I am aware of Church teaching on capital punishment. I am also aware that the Catholic Church and many liberal Catholics are against it as well. I know libertarians won’t be too pleased about a living wage. The idea here is for the adults that are left in this country to gather around a table and put together a last ditch effort to save this place.

-Anthony Chiozza

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