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Rancher Lives Matter-Rebel Radio- EP 1

On the First Episode of REBEL RADIO, Farrah Prudence and Anthony Chiozza talk to Larry Richardson, Founder of Rancher Lives Matter, at Join us every Sunday at 6pm CST/7 pm EST for 2 hours as we wrap up the week, get on some nerves and spread some truth.

Listen Here!–the-rancher-lives-matter-movement

Rancher Lives Matter has a 3 part plan:

Part 1.  Recruit enough Patriots to do part 3.

Part 2.  Support and join with other Patriotic Groups in activities to help keep the memory of LaVoy Finicum alive and on the front page of America’s consciousness. And support and join with other Patriotic Groups to participate in their activities to help guide the actions and functions of our Local, State and Federal Government back to a Constitutional path.

Part 3.  On the day the actual trial of the Political Prisoners being held in Portland Oregon we want to have a protest, rally, gathering, or whatever you want to call it, at EVERY ONE of the 294 Federal Court Houses in the United States.  From Hawaii to Alaska, from Florida to Maine, and all points inbetween.

Rancher Lives Matter  came into existence on January 26, 2016.  The day agents of the U. S. Government shot and killed LaVoy Finicum outside of Burns, Oregon as he was on his way from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to a meeting in the town of Joh Day.  While the exact circumstances of who did what are not crystal clear, some things are.  It is clear that it was 10 minutes after LaVoy was shot before any of the multitude of agents on the scene approached him to begin basic first aid.  It is certain that he was shot.  It is certain that many more shots were fired at the vehicles Lavoy and his fellow traveling companions were in.  It is certain that the brave Patriots in the group did not fire a single shot during the entire episode.

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