Gun control, again….

Thursday following the shooting at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College that resulted in the deaths of 13 people and injuries of 20 more, President Barack Obama made a push for “common sense” gun control laws Obama contended that “the notion that gun laws don’t work” is “not borne out by the evidence.” He argued that the […]

Abraham Lincoln: A President Who Clung To His Bible and Guns

I wanted to share a fragment written by Abraham Lincoln in 1861 in which he compares  Proverbs 25:11 to our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Some scholars suspect it was a discarded part of his inaugural address. Personally, I wish he wouldn’t have omitted this from his speech. Before we take a closer look at […]


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  After Germany annexed Austria on March 13th 1938, Hitler set his eyes on his next prize: Czechoslovakia. Actually he had his eyes on Czechoslovakia much earlier, so let’s back up a bit. In 1933, when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, the Czechs got nervous about the Sudeten Nazis Party and forced them to disband. […]

Iran is in Syria

ARTICLE TRANSLATED FROM ARA.REUTERS.COM Sources: Al-Assad’s allies, including Iranians, preparing for a terrestrial attack Lebanese sources informed Reuters on Thursday that hundreds of Iranian Terrestrial Military members arrived to Syria about ten days ago to take part in a terrestrial operation in Northern Syria and that the Lebanese Hezbollah is preparing to participate in the […]

Iran, Arabs and Kerry

Iran is a country that has been a problem child for the rest of the world for hundreds of years and the problems can be traced back to when it was known as the “Persian Empire” around 550 BC. The least problematic era was most likely during the reign of the last Shah; Mohammad Pahlavi. He […]