MAY 8, 2016, DR. Bill Warner from CSPI joins Farrah Prudence and Anthony Chiozza for an exciting, information filled discussion on Islam and the West. Here is a part of his biography from his website Listen NOW! Bill Warner holds a PhD in physics and math, NC State University, 1968. He has been a […]

Vox Shot 41- CAIR Pedophile

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Vox Populi News is the voice of the people. We are the true resistance. We don’t push fear, and we don’t sell lies. Vox fires truth bombs on a daily basis, twenty-four seven. Some of our journalists literally risk their lives to bring you the truth.Please consider making a donation to help keep Vox Populi […]


The Dangerous Don


Donald Takes A Hammer To The Engine Donald Trump has flip flopped on several key issues since becoming the presumptive nominee of what is left of the Republican party. However, his economic plans give cause for the greatest concern. Most people assume that Donald Trump knows everything about the economy because he is a successful […]

Trumpster Cry Babies

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On today’s Vox Shot Farrah and I discuss why Trump supporters may be the cause of their candidates demise. Here are some of the various comments we got from the article I posted yesterday suggesting the possibility of a third party that could iron out issues that democrats and republicans seem incapable of achieving. The […]



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RIP GOP The Republican party has been in self destruct mode for at least a decade, if not more. George Bush Jr. ran the largest debt of any President before Obama broke the record again. One can hardly call this conservative. Cronyism exists within the fine machinery of the party at the delegate level, and […]