Trump to Republicans is Obama to Democrats

For over 200 Years, the United States has been the shining light of justice and the superhero of the world. Like most index (3)superheroes, the United States has had many enemies and many lovers worldwide. The United States has had its own share of universal failures, triumphs, scandals and victories. On the national level, things are the same. The toppling down of the English monarchy was the birth of our nation and since then we have endured many self-inflicted wounds as well as outside attacks.

We, as a nation, pride ourselves on the beauty of our great Republic. We have endured the test of time…until now. Today, more than ever, many Americans believe that our beautiful story is coming to an end. While we are busy ripping at each other’s throats, the world is going up in flames. A nation that once held its head up high in glory can no longer do so because its people are at each others throats; racially, politically, economically and socially. At a time like this, our nation looks up to its leader for some…well, …leadership.

What does it mean to be a leader in a republic? It means that the leader must be true to the foundations of justice and liberty that our founding fathers have found to be resolute and to honor the will of the majority without trampling over the minorities. One could argue that there is no greater, no more difficult task than to honor the seat of the Presidency of the United States, to make sure all of its people remain free and their rights protected.

obama-rip-constitution-1For the Past seven years, the once symbol of the healing of this nation, the glimmer of hope and change has, with his administration, brought further division, destruction, and persecution of the people he swore an oath to protect. He has taken the tone of an absolute monarch with a republic crumbling on its heels. President Obama has shown his incompetence in fulfilling the role of the leader of the free republic of the Unites States of America.

While targeting Obama is easy and underdone, I pray you hear my voice when I say it is not Obama’s fault that he has acted like an arrogant, 2 year old temper tantrum inflicted child with no respect for the laws and foundations this country was built on. The election of Obama into office was the result of Americans acting on their feelings and placing all of their hopes and dreams in the hands of one man, regardless of his level competency, history, record and experience.

Obama was the supposed messiah of the Democrats, they neglected his shady past and sealed records, and turned a blind eye to his socialist beliefs just to prove that the United States has put that dirty mark of slavery and racism behind it.

2016 is shaping up to be the most important year in American history. The recent results of the Republican primaries have proven one thing; Americans have not learned from their most recent and most catastrophic mistake of voting in Barack Hussain Obama because Trump is leading in the polls.

Obama to democrats is Trump to republicans.

Trump has the same shady record of donating money to democrats, being pro-choice, trust in muslims, among other subjects. All of a sudden he is a conservative? He is and always was self-serving and without an ounce of patriotism in him. Will America go down this path of empty promises, flowery words and “new beliefs” that change like the weather?


  • Kristin Reply

    I’ve pointed this out several times. I wish I had a larger audience and I pray that many like you can get through to the masses. We need a true conservative with a proven record.

    • Profile photo of Farrah
      Farrah Reply

      I agree….and I also know that people do change their mind, it is part of growing as a human being, but when you do it over night and then expect to become president based on that change, it is a little hard to fathom

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