Obama Insults Justice Scalia – Obama Snubs Funeral

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The death of Justice Scalia shocked us all, and as if the rumors of a possible conspiracy are not bad enough, now Obama, (I refuse to continue to call him “president.”) will thumb his nose at Scalia by not attending his funeral! Fellow Catholics, make no mistake, this is not just Obama turning his back on Justice Scalia, God rest his soul, this is Obama turning his back on the Catholics in this nation! Liberal Catholics that continue to vote for the democratic party should seriously re-evaluate their possible vote for the next election cycle. Clearly, by Church teaching, Catholics should not be voting for anyone that supports abortion, unless of course both candidates support it and you have no choice in the matter! We can take Obama’s action one step further and say that this represents the ultimate, final and logical conclusion to the liberal, secular state. This action is not just Obama, but the entire democratic party, thumbing their nose at the Catholic Church.


No, they didn’t like having a Catholic on the bench that actually LIVED his Faith. They hated Scalia’s support for traditional marriage. You know the type of marriage that can actually produce a living, breathing human being, and doesn’t use the creative power to throw seed into the garbage dump of humanity. Yes, the sodomites hated him, and the sodomites that align themselves with Judas “within” the Catholic Church, putting themselves outside of the Church, probably hated him too! Just so there is NO mistake, I’m not talking about good Catholics that have same sex attraction, yet live their Faith courageously in a culture that tells them to give into the flesh.


No, they didn’t like having a Catholic on the bench that actually LIVED his Faith. They hated the fact that Justice Scalia stood up so publicly to Obamacare! A man that stood on principle, and non-application of force! Imagine a Supreme Court Justice that would vote against FORCING people to pay a third party, private company, because the government wants you to have insurance. Hey, and if you can’t afford it, you get taxed for not being able to afford it! What an incredibly Christian idea Obama had! Obama’s actions speak loudly enough for everyone to hear. They all say,” to hell with Scalia”, and with the Catholic Church! So go ahead you lefty, liberal democrats, keep voting for the party that hates your Church! Keep voting for the party that threatens Priests with jail time.


Yes, don’t let that one fall down the memory hole! Recall that Obama threatened Catholic Priests serving on military bases with jail if they held Mass during the government shutdown! Guess what, Catholics, don’t listen to governments when it conflicts with our Faith! We have a 2,000 year history of being beaten, crucified, raped, stoned, shot, imprisoned and we don’t just go away. We have lived under Napoleon, Diocletian, the secular government of Mexico that butchered the Cristeros, and we are still here Obama. Real Catholics aren’t going any place. The secular and pagan states have been trying to end us since John’s apostle, Bishop Ignatius of Antioch, was put to death by lions! Scalia died standing up for the truth as well! How much truth is left in America?


We used to live in an America where, even if people disagreed, they showed some class and respect for their opposition by attending their funeral. Now we have a President that is above all that, and a whole block of voters that are more than happy to keep putting people like him in office. This country has lost the moral high ground, and if it does not repent the Republic will fall. Scripture says that anyone that loves God will keep His Commandments. Justice Scalia publicly supported God’s law from the bench. Justice Scalia should be canonized a Saint for adhering to his Faith so publicly while living in such a disordered culture of death! No longer call him Justice Scalia, call him Saint Scalia the Just!


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