News Roundup Podcast with Farrah & Jonathan

In today’s podcast we cover the 2016 presidential election, trending news stories and the dangers of asking our government to do things that they simply cannot do. Join us in the discussion below in the comments section and voice your opinion.

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  • Jim Reply

    Ted Cruz won’t be elected president due to his rigid stance on Social Security, He wants deep cuts. IMHO…

    • Profile photo of Farrah
      Farrah Reply

      It is an interesting thought. His rigid stance on everything else is very appealing.

      • Jim Reply

        Yes, I agree with your statement. His other positions are appealing. But his stance on Social Security and Medicare is basically the same as Paul Ryan’s 4 years ago. It was a deal killer for Romney & Ryan then and it will be a deal killer for Cruz as well.
        Again…IMHO. We’ll see

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