Murder in Munich

In today’s Vox Shot, MURDER IN MUNICH, GERMANY. A man wielding a knife shouts Allahu Akbar as he stabs three people, one of whom was stabbed to death. Also in the news, London’s Muslim mayor apologizes for comments about moderate Muslims. Check out our weekly Radio Show on the FPC Network, REBEL RADIO, as Farrah Prudence talks to some of the biggest names in politics today.

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“Not much is known about the man who stabbed several commuters, one of them fatally, at a train station in a suburb of Munich on Tuesday morning. German police say he was 27 years old, a German citizen and “expressed political motivations.” Witnesses recalled him shouting the Arabic phraseAllahu Akbar – “God is great” – as he slashed at people on the platform with a knife.

With the suspect now in custody, it will soon become clear whether this was an act of homegrown Islamic extremism – and whether Germany’s streak of good fortune in countering such violence has finally come to an end.

Until now, no Germans have ever been killed by a homegrown jihadist. Among the larger nations of Western Europe, this record is — or was — unique, and it seemed especially remarkable considering that Germany has the largest Muslim population in the European Union. As TIME reported last month, the German strategy in fighting extremism has tended to focus on integration, mentorship and other programs that sought to make Muslims feel welcome in the broader community.”


“Labour’s candidate for London Mayor has issued a grovelling apology after it emerged that he had described moderate Muslim groups as ‘Uncle Toms’.

Sadiq Khan said he regretted using the term, which is notorious racial slur used against black people to suggest that they are subservient to whites.

But he also insisted he would ‘respect’ everyone in the capital if he was elected, and lashed out at tactics employed by Tory rival Zac Goldsmith during the battle.

The incendiary claim surfaced in an interview with Iranian-backed Press TV from 2009, when Mr Khan was ‘minister for community cohesion’, in charge of Government efforts to stamp out extremism.”


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