17 yr old Aya Beydoun is afraid that her dreams to be POTUS are being ruined by Ben Carson (cant make this stuff up folks)



The following is a trip down the rabbit hole of Liberal lunacy. Brian Nason and I take a closer look into an article from The Guardian (see full article here), in which the writers opines on behalf of Aya Beydoun, a 17 year old aspiring "Presidential Hopeful" who is hurt and worried by Ben Carson objecting to a Muslim POTUS. The writers at the Guardian don't stop there, they in fact go on to list a bevy of systemic racism against Muslims including: the "post 911 atmosphere", the ensuing Iraq War, Police and FBI profiling, Islamaphobia, her mothers minimum wage job, and of course the evil Right, that stand in the way of Aya's POTUS dreams. Geez, this poor girl just doesn't stand a chance! We at Vox Populi news wanted to give you, the reader, a close up view, through the looking glass of liberal journalistic excellence. 

So Aya Beydoun wants to be president?  Why was Aya chosen to be the focus of the story? Why pick a young female Muslim? One who can not even run for president for another 18 years?  Answer: she is the perfect "candidate" for the left. She is not a strictly observant Muslim i.e. if Aya was covered from head to toe with only her eyes showing it would be a safe bet that she would not have been picked for this story. Also, the fact that her parents fled from Lebanon in the 1970's makes their tenure here in the U.S. a soft target for Guardian, to more easily pull at liberal heart strings,while still being able to properly vilify the Right and the menace of Islamaphobia. 

Next the article moves on to the comment made by Ben Carson, and how much it hurt and bothered Aya. Though the comment does seem a bit tame as Carson just said he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation”. OK? So that is his opinion. The article continues where Aya notes that: ''I’m educated enough to know that what he’s saying is absolutely against the constitution...''. So, somewhere in the Constitution she sees something that disallows people to have opinions? Did Ben Carson promise to make soem sort of law that prohibits any worshipper of Islam to be POTUS?

Then the article moves on to the real meat: Islamophobia. The article says that ''Muslim Americans have lived through 14 years of post-9/11 demonization." The article mentions many Muslims come to America to flee war, like the War in Iraq, started by Republican president George W. Bush. While that is one example of a war that sent Muslims fleeing to America, it is just one. No mention is made of the many, many other wars and acts of terror started and carried out by Muslims before September 11th 

Next the article moves on to talk about how '' after the 9/11 attacks, the Patriot Act, and start of the Iraq war'' Republicans have lost Muslim votes. The Patriot Act? Ok sure, it was not a popular law, but what was anti-Muslim about it? Why would the Patriot Act get mentioned here?

Then the article switches back to Aya's family, mentioning that her mother Wanda ''has worked a minimum wage managing job for 16 years''. 16 years at minimum wage? She must work for a greedy Republican company. Though she, in fact, worked for the Muslim owned business of La Shish. Wonder why she never even got one raise? Wonder why she never looked for another job?

The article then moves on to Ahmed Mohamed, who brought a suspicious looking clock to school and notes he was the target of discrimination. Though no mention is made of most schools zero tolerance policies, where if your even thought to have a weapon the school will react forcefully. To the average person a disassembled clock in a case looks a lot like a bomb, but your average teacher is not a bomb expert. So they do the right thing by calling the authorities. Of course we are all aware of the Media's love of Ahmed despite the overwhelming evidence otherwise.

The article then moves on to the FBI and things they have done targeting Muslims and racism toward Muslims. Like a '' 34-year-old local woman forced to remove her headscarf by male police officers following an alleged minor traffic infraction''. Police officers asking someone to remove something that covers their face and head is normal police procedures. There is no racism. A young kid bullied by classmate? Not exactly racism, as bullies bully everyone. Students arrested for protesting the showing of American Sniper...again lack of details involving arrests or how the police specifically targeted Muslim students.

The article finally gets back to Aya, who says she is excited about voting as soon as she becomes 18. This article starts with Aya and somehow goes all over the place and throws in Islamophobia for good measure. It is full of holes, omissions and vague facts but this is what passes for an article in today's world. Now lets take a closer look at some of those omissions, shall we?

Restaurant La Shish: Now serving Irony

The Guardian also mentions Aya Beydoun's mother, who works at the restaurant La Shish (where she has slaved for 16 years at the evil Right Wing minimum wage.  Now what's interesting about La Shish is its history. La Shish was actually a chain of restaurants owned by one Talal Chahine. 

What the Guardian fails to mention is that Talal fled the country in 2005 for citizenship fraud and 20 million dollars worth of tax evasion. Maybe the Guardian can do an article detailing the FBI's profiling of Mulisms. After all, Talal claims innocence and he was targeted by the FBI because of the"post- 911 atmosphere". 

Now this was just a bonus for our readers, as we couldnt pass up the fact that the mother works at the original homestore that was reopened in 2011. EXTRA CREDIT: IF THE MOTHER WORKED THERE FOR 16 YEARS THEN....???

Not saying there is a necessary connection, just that The Guardian either doesn't do its homework or doesn't wish to bother its readership with those pesky little facts....


Now, in same article, the Guardian interviews Fatina Abdrabboh, president of the Michigan chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, so I wanted to stop here and provide an important summary of the ADC.

It was Founded by James Zogby and James Abourezk in 1980. In addition to the touchy feely liberal smoke screen, the ADC really love Hezbollah and Hamas, hates Israel, European culture and pepperoni.  Here are some the ADC's Greatest Pro Hamas/Hezbollah hits:

  • In 1994, then-ADC President Hamzi Moghrabi said, “I will not call [Hamas] a terrorist organization. I mean, I know many people in Hamas. They are very respectable … I don’t believe Hamas, as an organization, is a violent organization.”
  • In 1996, his successor, Hala Maksoud, defended Hezbollah. “I find it shocking,” Maksoud said, “that [one] would include Hezbollah in … [an] inventory of Middle East ‘terrorist’ groups.”
  • In 2000, new ADC President Hussein Ibish characterized Hezbollah as “a disciplined and responsible liberation force.”
  • James Abourezk called Hamas and Hezbollah “resistance fighters.”

Other great ADC quotes in regard to "introducing Muslim/Arab studies into a multi-cultural curriculum"

  • “Teach students to appreciate the Arab world, one of the great cultures when Europe was still a backward, under-developed region on the periphery of world civilization”
  • "American textbooks are often Eurocentric, while Arab points of view regarding such issues as the nationalization of resources or the Arab-Israeli conflict are presented inadequately or not at all.” (hmmm, now those two views contradict each other, dont they."
  • “recognize Ramadan and other Muslim holidays”
  • “not to order pepperoni sausage for the class pizza party.” 

If you doubted their comittment to Hamas and Hezbellah:

  • ADC formerly ran ads in its publication ADC Times for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, which in 2001 President Bush shut down for funneling millions of dollars to Hamas..... 

(PICTURES LEFT TO RIGHT: Fatina Abdrabboh, director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Michigan regional office, Talal Chahine founder of La Shish, Google Street view of La Shish)



Honestly I have no idea as to the point of this article by The Guardian. So,  Allah's little 17 year old snowflake, is afraid she wont became President? Because of what or whom exactly? Why the hell is this even a question!?

Is Ben Carson to blame? Bush and the Iraq War? The "Post 911 Atmosphere"? Profiling by Cops and discrimination by right Wing Super Duper, Ultra Nazi Conservatives? Minimum Wage? (its seems they missed Climate Change, get um next time Guardian!) According to the Guardian, all these reasons are why this 17 year old girl (who wont even be eligible to run for POTUS for another 18 Years) is afraid she and other Muslims will never get a shot at POTUS and may even have to "hide their religion". WTF? Has anyone ever seen a Muslim "hide" their religion? I've been to Dearborn, Mi, eaten at its restaurants, and walked its streets (circa 2005-2006). Trust me, NO MUSLIM IS HIDING THEIR RELIGION HERE!

As for profiling? Well, Islam is responsible for blowing lots of s*** up over the last couple of decades, so we apologize for the extra scrutiny Dearborn (home of the largest Muslim Mosque and Population). Its funny though, when our Government does look under a few rocks and sees tax evasion to the tune of 20 million dollars and Citizenship Fraud, how quick Muslims play the victim card....say what you want but they are quick studies. It does always help to have an enthusiastic enabler...

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