Islam Q&A -Episode 6

Join Farrah and Aynaz for this week’s episode of “Islam Q&A.” They will be answering reader submitted questions with their unique brand of brutal honesty and seemingly unending knowledge base for all things Islam.

Among the questions answered this week…

-Is there a percentage (or statistics) to quantify the many forms of cruelty allowed within Islam? Particularly concerning FGM and burning with acid.

-If Muslims are against Easter and Christmas, why do they impose a halal tax on Christian-related items?

-What is a Khalīfah?

-How many are there and what does he do?

-Are all Muslims subjects of the Khalīfah?

-Is he like the Pope?

Also, Aynaz explains the ‘fatwa’, and how to get one

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In a world filled with information and lies, we encourage all of our viewers to do the research and validate our information themselves. It is important to understand that while we give our personal experiences, when we talk about legalistic issues and actual Islamic doctrine, all of our answers are using 100% Islamic doctrine text, accepted by all Major Islamic schools.


  • sonya mcconville Reply

    I CAN ONLY SPEAK for Australia but it is time we had a Royal Commission into islam Australia.. how does it fit given the different ideology..

  • Tina Reply

    This video is not playing well for me, I’m going to go to YOU tube to watch EVERYTHING Farrah Prudence. I appreciate your HONESTY. If you don’t know, you admit you don’t know, but then share what you do know. You have a special way of communicating that I just GET and like. (My daughter is quite like you in personality, I think) GOD BLESS YOU.

    • Profile photo of Farrah
      Farrah Reply

      Thank you so much Tina, We have had some people have trouble with our youtube videos for some “unknown” reasons. They are on both the Vox Populi News channel as well as my channel. I appreciate you listening and leaving your feedback!

  • Richard Reply

    Dear Brave Ladies, Yesterday I watched one of your videos for the first time, thanks to Pam Geller’s website, which I read daily. I am amazed by your knowledge of Islam and your willingness to teach others about its atrocities, at the peril of your own lives. I am an Anglican priest who is always being asked about my opinion of Islam. I have had to study the Qu’ran and read many books about Islam as well as books about ex Muslims who have converted to Christianity . Listening to the both of you, I learned much more than book knowledge. I also learned that I will never know as much as one who was born a Muslim and had to live in its environment. May God protect and be with you both.
    My main concern is how to reach my fellow ” clergy” ( I despise the term! ) with the truth about Islam. So many of them, no matter what denomination, believe the media’s hype about the majority of Muslims wanting peace. If I point out the verses in the Qu’ran or Hadith which speak about brutality towards Jews and Christians, they tell me I am misinterpreting or being decisive. Please, if you will, give me some advice and direction. Maybe some will listen if I can present it more rationally.
    Thank you, and God keep you safe.

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