ISIS Website Series – Episode 3

In this episode we learn more about the detailed history of ISIS, their tactics and moves. We also learn about some important relationships that it has forged and inner fighting even between Sunni terrorist organizations. ISIS also lists their previous and current battles going on now. It is vital to note the battles not just with non-muslims and Shiite muslims, but with other Sunni Muslims as well. In future episodes there will be screen shots of the rest of the website. The ISIS website at first glance appears to be like any other normal State website; they have pictures of people working and current events. They even have a weather report.  When you scroll down further, they talk about a beheading of a murderer that took place earlier that week with pictures followed by a story about the new media office they have. “Twisted” does not quite cover it.

The Most Important Events of ISIS in 2013

“On March 5th 2013 the Syrian regime retreated from Al-Riqqa area and Al-Nusra Front had complete control of it. At IMG_2282a later time during the summer of 2013, the city was completely under the control if ISIL.

April 9th 2013; ISIL was announced using an audio memo aired on Al-Jazeera

July 27th 2013; The Islamic State was able to seize Khan Al-Asal town in the outskirts of Halab. Dozens of soldiers of the Syrian Army were killed during the battles. Dozens more soldiers were taken as prisoners and executed later.

July 21 2013; The Islamic State frees thousands of fighters held as prisoners in Iraqi government prisons, Al-Taji and the Central Baghdad Prisons. This is in fulfillment of the “Tearing Down Walls” plan announced by Al-Baghdadi on July 21 2012.

August 5th 2013; ISIL seized the Mangh Military Airport through the destruction of the min building in the airport using a martyr operation ((Translator note: A reference to suicide bombing))

September 29th 2013; ISIL targeted the General Security Headquarters in Irbil (the capitol of Kurdistan in northern Iraq) using VBIDs (Vehicle Bourne Improvised Explosive Device) and undercover agents wearing explosive belts

Military Power

ISIL owns many tanks, missiles, armored vehicles, four wheel drive vehicles and diverse weapons it procured from the Iraqi Army, Syrian Army and others.

Financing Sources

As to the financial sources, ISIL basically depends in its financing on the spoils it seizes in Iraq and Syria in addition to some of its members world wide.

Some enemy groups claim that it receives financing from “the Iraqi Regime, Syrian Regime, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the USA”

The Islamic State has previously fought

  • The American Army after the invasion of Iraq
  • The British Army in Iraq after the invasionIMG_2283
  • Militias and road bandits that appeared after the fall of Baghdad

The Islamic State is currently fighting

  • The Iraq Army
  • The Iraqi Police
  • Iraqi Al-Sahwa Forces
  • The Syrian Regime Army
  • Various Shiite militias such as Ahl Al-Haq Group, Al-MAhdi Army, and the Iraqi Hizbollah
  • Lebanese Hizbollah
  • Revolutionary Iranian guard
  • Kurdi Workers Union PPK
  • The Free Army and some of the aggressive Islamic Brigades”

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