ISIS Website Series – Episode 2


IMG_2280ISIS….ISIS…ISIS…This is the second edition of the ‘ISIS Website Series’ translating some of the content from the actual ISIS website. Here is the translation of the next 3 subtitles in the “Who We Are” tab.

The Building Block in Establishment

“After forming Al-Tawhid Wa-Al-Jihad group under the leadership of Abi Mus’ab Al-Zarqawi in 2004 followed by (cut off but possibly: joining) Al-Qaeda’s former leader <> and the organization became Al-Qaeda in the Lands of the Two Rivers (usual reference to Iraq). The organization increased its attacks until it became one of the strongest organizations in the Iraqi area and it started to implement its power in large areas in Iraq until 2006 when Al-Zarqawi publicly released a video announcing the formation of the Mujahidden Shura Council under the leadership of Abd-Allah Rashid Al-Baghdadi.

After the murder of Al-Zarqawi in the same month, Abi Hamzah Al-Muاajir was voted in as a leader of the organization. At the end of the year, the Islamic State of Iraq was formed under the leadership of Abi Ummar Al-Baghdadi.

On Monday 19 April 2010, the American and Iraqi forces carried out a military mission in Al-TharThar area targeting a house that Abi Umar Al-Baghdadi and Abi Hamzah Al-Muhajir were in. After severe clashes between the two sides, planes were called in and the house was bombed and both of them (reference to the two leaders) died together. Their bodies were broadcasted on the media. After a week, the organization professed their death in a memo on the internet. Ten days later, the Shura Council was held and chose Abi Bakir Al-Baghdadi as Caliphate and Al-Nasir Lidin Allah Sulayman as the Minister of War.

After the start of the Syrian crisis and it became armed, groups and factions started to form to fight the Syrian Regime. Toward the end of 2011, Al-Nusra Front was formed under the leadership of Abi Muhammad Al-Julani as the Secretary General. The Front continued to fight the regime until intelligence reports showed their ideological and organizational relationship with the Islamic State, after that, the United States listed it on the Terrorist Organization Chart.

IMG_2281On April 9th of 2013, a voice recording attributed to Abi Bakir Al-Baghdadi in which he declared Al-Nusra Front an extension of the Islamic State in Iraq. He also declared the deletion of the name Al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq. He declared a new name unifying them both and that was The Islamic State of Iraq an the Levant.

Shortly after that, a voice recording surfaced of Abi Muhammad Al-Julani declaring his relationship with the Islamic State of Iraq but he denied his personal knowledge and the knowledge of the Shura Council of the Front about the merging. He refused the idea of merging and pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. He handed in his  pledge of allegiance to Sheikh Ayman Al-Thawahiri, Al-Qaeda’s leader. Despite that, the Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front have many joint military efforts.

Presence in Iraq

The organization’s forces control is on limited areas of the Iraqi provinces. The organization’s attacks are against all Iraqi areas. However, the six Sunni provinces, known as the Sunni Triangle, are the center of presence of the Islamic State of Iraq.

Presence is Syria

The State is present and controls areas in the provinces of Al-Riqqah, Halab, the outskirts of Latakia, Damascus and its outskirts, Hims, Hamah, Hasakah, and Idlib. The State’s presence and control varies from one province to another. For example, the State has strong influence in Al-Riqqa province, in some parts of Halab province and has less power in Hims and Latakia.”

End of Translation


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