Hillary Clinton – Her Politics of Meaning


Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton is the quintessential politician. She speaks from both sides of her mouth, giving us a sense that she has been around the block more than a few times and that she might actually be in touch with the everyday American voter. The impossibility of those two things being true is, well, impossible.  So, what is she really?

Mrs. Clinton has been involved in politics for nearly five decades. She has gone from hippie to elite throughout those decades. Her political stance -aside from blatant self-interest- is predictably left and predictably effective. In a country where celebrity weighs more heavily than good sense, it is no wonder that our pool of candidates gives us little in the form of solutions and more in the form of stunts aimed at more celebrity.

I often wonder why anyone would desire the office of president. In Hillary’s case, it would seem that the presidency might be the ultimate line on her resume, the final flip-off to the patriarchy that has held our country in place since the beginning. She is rich enough to buy the office, popular enough to win the office and she already knows her way around the White House. Is there one more qualified?

In short, whether anyone likes her or not, she is the most likely candidate to win this year’s election.

What can we expect from her?

Hillary’s website reads like a liberal politician’s should. She is in full support of the LGBT community, is pro-union and wants to reform voting rights as well as supporting women’s rights.

-A democrat in the US should desire voting to be easier since the poor generally vote left. Democrats are arguably the saving grace of the poor, so it makes sense that Hillary would desire their full access to the polls.

-She considers herself “a small business president”, meaning that she must have plans to make it less impossible to operate a small business. To do this would necessitate diverting wealth from the banks and large corporations that have made her a very wealthy woman. There is also the issue of exorbitant taxes that small businesses are required to pay.

-Her passion for gun control has remained the same as it always has. She is in favor of universal background checks, cracking down on the black market and, among others, keeping guns away from domestic abusers and stalkers. It would be difficult to say whether her gun agenda infringes on the Second Amendment, but there is considerable fear from the right that she would have us unarmed and unable to defend ourselves.

-As with any democrat, she wants to prop up our social programs. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are in her crosshairs to essentially be better funded.

What can we really expect from her?

The most likely scenario from a Hillary White House is more of the same. D.C. is a meat grinder of sorts, and the most well-intentioned politicians seem to get caught in it and come out the other side as an ineffective dupe that can only do more harm than good. We can expect Congressional gridlock, political posturing and pouty, old Republicans. We should expect our defense budget to be higher than the thirteen highest spending nations on the planet -combined. National security will still be defined by tapping into any part of our digital lives without permission. It will undoubtedly give us more of the same.

Good luck Hillary!




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