Global Warming, Peace, the Pope & Clocks

My pastor at church made a quick comment on “perspective”. It really stuck in my head and I have been unintentionally thinking about it everyday since. He said something along the lines of “Christians should lead the efforts to care for the earth. The difference between a Christian caring for the earth and a non-christian doing it is perspective. We care for the earth but we don’t put squirrels before humans.”


Those who stand with the Iran Deal often accuse the opposition of wanting war and being against peace. They are very wrong. Many of us pray for peace everyday. I personally pray that my children will live in a better world where they don’t have to worry about another student bringing a bomb to school or mommy and daddy when they go to work. The difference between my praying and wanting peace and a liberal is perspective. A liberal says “peace at all costs”. I say peace without my faith and my freedoms is slavery. I would rather be a free warrior than a slave in peaceful times. My friends, peace cannot be attained at all costs. I am willing to sacrifice my life to fight for peace against evil doers but I will not live as a slave for them and I will not compromise nor get into bed with evil for it. Giving Iran what it wants in return for peace is the equivalent of asking a woman to just have sex with a rapist in order to not get raped or beaten.


Christians are a target for the liberals and the main stream media. You need not look farther than the most recent shooting that took place in Oregon at a college campus where people were asked if they were Christians and then shot if they said yes to know that. Many have been so impressed with the pope bringing in so many different people in the faith and “bettering” the image of Christianity. They seem to misunderstand people standing against the pope as a statement of wanting to keep the church isolated, under attack and keep people from becoming Christians. That is the furthest thing from the truth. We are not willing to compromise on what the Bible says. Nor are we willing to butcher and dilute the Bible and the teachings of Christ just to make people feel better about their sins. If people chose to attack us for our beliefs, then so be it.  As a Christian, I do not lie to people and tell them it’s ok to kill your baby. I say if you have, God is all merciful and he will forgive you if you ask for it and you are a new woman in Christ. I will not tell them that atheists can go to heaven. I will tell them the truth, the only way to heaven is through Christ and that if you don’t believe in God, He believes in you and he loves you and he wants you to come back home. I won’t lie and say the Quran is the same as the Bible. I will say that we want Ismael to come home. We want muslims to find the grace of God because they follow a false prophet and teachings that directly contradict the Bible. Pray for them, evangelize to them and defend your brothers and sisters in Christ against them. I will not have people “convert” to Christianity under false pretenses that put their salvation in jeopardy because I am not interested in their tithes, I want their souls to go to heaven.


Freedom of religion does not mean that you can terrorize people in the name of your religion then cry like a little baby baboon when people start to associate you with evil. Yes, I love all people. The difference between me and your average liberal hippie is that I can love muslims in their own countries because I KNOW from 1400 years of Islamic history, the Quran, Taqqiya, Sunnah and Shari’a that when one of them terrorizes people, they are not acting as a “lone wolf”, they are the sheep. They are following what their pedophile, illiterate, rapist, war-mongering prophet told them to do. So, if you are a muslim upset that people associate you with terrorism, stop being a muslim or better yet, go back to an islamic country. As for the little “clock” maker; when your average non-muslim American kids get suspended for wearing an NRA shirt, what makes you think that you should be exempt when you build a clock that looks like a bomb?
Perspective people. At the end of the day, I realized that I really do want a lot of the things that liberals do; peace, joy, salvation, freedom, happiness…..and success. I have perspective and they have none.

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