Genocide Through A Nun’s Eyes – And Video Interview

Genocide Through A Nun’s Eyes

Article By: Joseph Hamilton

Interview By: Aynaz Anni Cyrus

Many were shocked recently when four of the Missionaries of Charity, the group of nuns Saint Mother Teresa founded, were gunned down by the Islamic terrorist group ISIS. There have been unconfirmed reports that Father Thomas, who was with the Sisters of Charity in Yemen, was crucified by ISIS on Good Friday.  Christians in the Middle East have been carrying the cross of persecution and martyrdom much longer than most realize, but the murder of these four nuns strikes Catholic hearts closer to home in the West. People in the United States have been particularly drawn to Blessed Mother Teresa’s example. Sister Hatune, like Saint Mother Teresa, follows in the footsteps of Jesus Christ as well. From childhood, Sister Hatune was called to become a nun by Jesus Christ. She wanted to help the Lord, and His creation. She says she is happy even though she has seen the grizzly side of the human heart.

  Violence Before ISIS

Today Sister Hatune is a psychotherapist, and spiritual counselor to many women that have been abused by the Islamic system. The modern, Western mind generally believes that radical Islam has come into existence because of the wars unjustly persecuted in the Middle East by the United States and its NATO allies. However, Sister points out that this type of violence has been standard from Islam throughout history. Christians and other minorities have been severely persecuted by Islam in Turkey, and elsewhere throughout time. Why were Mother Teresa’s nuns gunned down serving the Lord and the poorest of the poor? The answer may not be one the secular West, or modern Christians, desire to hear. Sister Hatune says of Islam, “They like to fulfill what is in the Quran…This is why we have to expect worse.”  Islam has always been radical. According to Sister Hatune there is no “radical Islam.” Sister illustrates this point with the examples from her own life experiences growing up in the Islamic state of Turkey, and serving those in need throughout the war ravaged Middle East.

Sister’s Early Years Carrying The Cross

Sister Hatune grew up in Turkey. Turkey is a member of the NATO alliance with the U.S. Perhaps, because of this alliance, some picture Turkey as open to Western ideas of tolerance. This is far from the truth, especially regarding Catholicism. Growing up in Turkey as a Syrian Orthodox Catholic, Sister Hatune and her family had no rights, and no recourse to the government. Christians could not hold a position in the government of Turkey, and this remains true even to this day.

Sister has more experience with persecution at the hands of Islam than most people can imagine. Every Sunday, her Muslim teacher would watch to see which children would try to sneak off to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. If they were caught going to Mass on Sunday, the children were beaten when they returned to school.

Sister and her fellow students were not subjected to the corporal punishment familiar to Western minds in public schools of yesteryear. A few licks with a belt, or a switch, would be welcomed over what Sister Hatune experienced. When the teacher was out of the room one day, a student wrote Arabic letters on the board. This language is forbidden by the Turkish, Muslim state. When the teacher returned he demanded to know who had written the language of the unbelievers on the chalkboard.

All of the students were quiet. Every Christian student had their hands beaten with a metal rod. Then, when the teacher discovered the young man that had written the text on the board, his hand was beaten severely. His hand turned black, the bones were shattered, and it took on the shape of a balloon. Still, even with his hand in this condition, the teacher continued to beat him! How many Catholics in the West would continue to sneak off to Mass faced with these conditions? If beatings were not enough, their livelihoods were also destroyed at the hands of Islam. Sister Hatune’s father had a large basket of grapes stolen from him. The authorities confiscated his grapes, and let the thief go because he was Muslim. In Turkey, there is no justice for Christians.

Suffering and Genocide

Living under the brutality of ISIS is simply Islam taken to its logical conclusion. The notion of a “peaceful,” Islam is for those that have no direct experience with the “holy” books of Islam. The Quran is not the only book Muslims are expected to follow. If the Quran is unclear on a theological idea, then the Islamic hermeneutic is to refer to Muhammad’s life for the answer.

Sister Hatune, by God’s Will, has seen how this barbaric, degenerate, and unGodly philosophy of Islam plays out in the real world. Sister spoke with 218 girls that were kidnapped, abused, and raped. Thirteen of the 218 girls had their vaginas cut, three had their breasts cut, and two had their face cut up. Why? Because the men were not happy with the ransom they received for the lives of these girls. There are 3,800 girls are still being held to this day. Rape is not an uncommon fate that these girls suffer at the hands of ISIS. It has now been confirmed by the U.S. government, that indeed, there is genocide against Christianity being carried out.

This violence is not just perpetrated against Christians, but other Muslims as well. Sister Hatune has met many Muslim women taking shelter with Christian women, especially Shia Muslim, that have been made child brides. She knows of some that have been kidnapped and raped. One Muslim woman was raped by 22 Islamic men, and they tried to kill her child. Sister met many ladies in Syria that had been kidnapped and raped. A woman’s only purpose in Islam is to reproduce.

Violence In Islamic Doctrine

Who could deny that Sister Hatune has seen enough violence to last a lifetime, but the emotional toll continues to rise for her. Recently, two of her friends were crucified, one Catholic and one Syrian Christian. Sister Hatune points out repeatedly that the Quran is the problem. The truth is the violence against women, unbelievers, and apostates from Islam is standard teaching not only in the Quran, but in the other “holy” books, both Sunni and Shiite, that Muslims use. These are two verses from the Quran encouraging violence and “jizyah,” which is a burdensome tax, against all unbelievers. “2:193 Fight them until there is no [more] fitnah and [until] worship is [acknowledged to be] for Allah. But if they cease, then there is to be no aggression except against the oppressors. 9:29 Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.” There are many other verses contained in the Quran and other “holy books,” that encourage violence.

 The Collapse Of Western Civilization

The reason for Europe’s fall is becoming increasingly clear, and the U.S. is following suit! Perhaps legalizing pedophila for all in the secular West is soon on the horizon, as what was once Christendom returns to the stinking filth of the past, paganism and moral relativism! Christendom, once the saving Grace of Europe, is now wallowing in the cesspool of everything antichrist. Europe, and the rest of the West, basks in the lofty rays of atheism, moral relativism, cultural relativism, and paganism. These glorious strides in pride have led to massive divorce, children born out of wedlock, a loss of love for family, and the beginnings of a barbaric culture. Islam has always been barbaric, and is simply filling the space former Christian Europe has left for it. Evil begets evil. The only answer is for Europe is to turn back to the Spotless Bride of Jesus Christ, The Holy Roman Catholic Church. Christendom has defeated Islam once before, and if the West will repent and return to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Islam can be stopped again while time remains. St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us!



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    such issues are with all minorities throughout the whole world,

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      So we should just not worry about since it happens to a lot of people? What is your point? Also most minorities around the world are being brutalized by one blood thirsty bully called Allah.

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