Used with permission from Dr. Holland. (PEFT Device)

Dr. Anthony Holland and the Future of Medical Treatment

PEFT Technology     

Recently, I interviewed Dr. Anthony Holland of Novobiotronics for Dr. Holland has been gracious enough to grant me two interviews and has even disclosed some compelling information to me that must remain off the record. His PEFT, or Pulsed Electrical Field Technology has been very successful against all different types of cancer in vitro, but what has gone unnoticed by many is the potential of his PEFT technology to treat chronic infections such as Lyme disease.

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease and the equally vicious co-infections, which typically roll along with it thug style, are an under-discussed scourge on the United States. This epidemic is growing faster than breast cancer, and AIDS in the U.S. , yet scarcely a word is mentioned in the mainstream media! Lyme disease and co-infections are transmitted from the bite of a tick, but some studies suggest the possibility of sexual transmission as well.

This spiral bacteria, also known as a spirochete, is closely related to the syphilis spirochete. Diagnosis is difficult, just as the diagnosis for syphilis was difficult even during the twentieth century. Diagnosis is problematic because these infections mimic so many other disease processes. Thus pinning down the culprit can be a daunting task even for the wisest, most well meaning of physicians.

To make matters worse Lyme Disease is not the “easy treatable” disease that the IDSA would have the public believe. 40% of patients develop chronic Lyme disease, and it has even been found in joint tissue from human beings after long term treatment with IV antibiotics. For some people the infection clears, and for others the infection becomes a chronic nightmare. It has been described by leading physicians in the field as the bacterial form of cancer.


The Star Trek Device

Enter Dr. Anthony Holland and his plasma PEFT device that looks like something out of a Star Trek film. Picture “Bones,” AKA Dr. McCoy waving his device through the air as he heals people without lifting a finger, and you essentially have Dr. Holland’s device. While not in human trials yet, some companies with similar technology already have FDA approval. Dr. Holland’s pulsed electrical field device has not only killed cancers in vitro, but successfully blasted the deadly MRSA bacteria into oblivion as well.

Used with permission of Dr. Holland. (Dr. Holland in the Novobiotronics Lab.)
Used with permission of Dr. Holland. (Dr. Holland in the Novobiotronics Lab.)

If MRSA can be killed in vitro, why not Lyme disease? Dr. Holland’s device is similar in design to RIFE machines used as an alternative treatment by some people for cancer and Lyme disease today. However, there have been reports of burns and other problems associated with these types of energy devices. Consult a doctor before ever using such a device! Dr. Holland refers to his device as a Rife-Bare device, as it is distinctive from RIFE machines found on the market today.

Lyme disease could be defeated if the right frequencies can be located by Dr. Holland. His device could end the scourge of Lyme disease before it becomes an epidemic that literally stalls the development of society. Yes, it is that bad! All one needs to do is read the numerous personal experiences on the internet, or listen to celebrities with this disease. This sneaky spirochete is not hanging out in bioweapons labs because it is related to the common cold.

Big Pharma

PEFT technologies are literally the “wave” of the future, and will become the standard in care in the near future if not crushed by big pharma. Dr. Holland’s colleagues told him as much when he experienced his first major success. Dr. Holland explains, “The lab director put it into perspective for me:  “If you were a large pharmaceutical company and you had invested millions of dollars into researching a new drug, and you obtained these results, it would be a home run for your company!”.  Our electronics were proving to be MORE effective than any known chemo and MORE effective than radiation, and the lab director could hardly believe his eyes!  More tests were needed!”

How You Can Help

While Dr. Holland would like to research Lyme disease, he needs funding to make that happen. Dr. Holland’s company, Novobiotronics is a 501 c3 organization, not a mega corporation from the pharmaceutical industry. Novobiotronics is completely dependent on your donations!



  • gandalfolorin Reply

    Sorry, but that looks too much like fiber-optics cable to me. Maybe someone familiar with LEDs and fiber-optics could vouch that this machine is not just a visual prop?

    • Profile photo of Anthony Chiozza
      Anthony Chiozza Reply

      =) No that is plasma. It does look a lot like a fiber-optic cable. Click the first hyper link in the story and it will take you to You will see in that story that Novocure is a billion dollar company, and they already have FDA approval for this technology. They are using it to treat aggressive types of brain cancer. Also, you will notice that all of the articles there are approved by a medical doctor. In this case there are two oncologists review my articles. You can check out the article below for more information on how the device works, and you can click the youtube link to watch it in action! Thank you for the comment!

  • Bill Cheb Reply

    Always nice to see our plasma tubes being put to good use!

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