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Cultural Atheism And The Death Of The West

New Atheist

Generally speaking, the crowd of “new,” atheists are radically dogmatic in their belief in non belief. This is best demonstrated by simply suggesting that, perhaps, God does exist.random_atheism_pics Maybe, just maybe, there might be some evidence for that. This crowd also tends to follow the progressive-liberal agenda. Likewise there is a deep seeded nihilistic, materialistic, reductionist undertone. Though for some atheists, this does not express itself in their behavior, as the nihilistic philosophy taken to its logical conclusion might look, much like the life of its founder Friedrich Nietzsche.

Who Isn’t An Atheist?

In fact there are many atheists in America and the rest of the West. Most liberals in this country, including progressives, live a liberal moral life style as well. They pick and choose what they believe. They belong to the Church of Moral Relativism. Many of these people do in fact attend a Church, Christian, or otherwise,but pragmatically speaking they are culturally atheist. Their behavior, on the whole, expresses itself as one that does not really believe there is a God, or a hell that is hot. Thus, I would not attempt to argue that every atheist behaves in this way, rather the point is that society as a whole has become, practically speaking, atheist.


The sum total of every philosophy outside of Catholic theology is, “Do what thou wilt.”  However, even many modern “cafeteria” Catholics are moral relativists, and have not escaped this plague. This saying, “Do What Thou Wilt,” is also directly from the school of satanism. Everyone falls on a different part of the relativistic scale, with the exception of those attempting to stay in a state of Grace by following God’s Laws. The rest of the culturally atheistic crowd is very busy.

They are busy aborting babies. They take pills that kill babies. Many of them try to prevent reproduction at all costs, but some of them will have 1.5 children when they can manage to fit it into their schedule. You know, between the job, the McMansion, divorce, affairs, drugs, drunkenness, and masturbation; some kids will show up eventually. Fortunately, we live in a society where you can pretty much get rid of the kid you do have for the majority of the day if you want to. What can be done to awaken people to realize what they are embracing?

Cultural Atheists Are Not Fit

 Just on the surface of this atheistic ideology, is in fact, an absolute eyesore, not a blemish. We are talking about a nasty, open,oozing, eyesore of cognitive dissonance on display here. This may help some see the dangers of atheism. However, it seems hardly anyone takes notice of this overlooked fact. How many times do we hear about survival of the fittest from the mouths of so many in the intelligentsia? The mantra has been locked down and chanted through all of society. Don’t bother questioning it. Here is an appropriate question for the culturally atheist society: What animals in the animal kingdom try to prevent reproduction during their union? According to the theory most atheists hold to, they themselves are in fact, not fit to survive based on all of the aforementioned behaviors.

A Life Of Pleasure Screw Tape

Though not every cultural atheist, will contracept, or engage in all of the behaviors listed above, we can observe the collapse of the family unit in society and draw the proper logical conclusion. The logical conclusion is that these people are busy with other activities outside of family building. Those activities focus on pleasure. If Harvard Health can identify the problem, one wonders why the rest of the intelligentsia is behind. “The brain registers all pleasures in the same way, whether they originate with a psychoactive drug, a monetary reward, a sexual encounter, or a satisfying meal. In the brain, pleasure has a distinct signature: the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the nucleus accumbens, a cluster of nerve cells lying underneath the cerebral cortex (see illustration). Dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens is so consistently tied with pleasure that neuroscientists refer to the region as the brain’s pleasure center.”c5976dab880934dd9645305b8e2105d7

Behind the culturally atheist philosophy lies nothing, but the pursuit of endless pleasure, because that is the most one can hope to get out of this life from that perspective. That may not hold true for each individual atheist, but again, culturally speaking there are many more atheists walking around than those that openly proclaim themselves to be so. In the “Screwtape Letters,” which consists of a conversation between two fictional demons, Screwtape advises the other demon on how to lock in a soul.“An ever-increasing craving for an ever-diminishing pleasure is the formula,“It is more certain; and it’s better style. To get the man’s soul and give him nothing in return—that is what really gladdens our Father’s [Satan’s] heart.” What is a more appropriate way to give someone nothing in return, but to dismantle the family.

Frantically, many pursue pleasure, which gives diminishing returns over time. These poor souls, addicted, brain damaged, and increasingly programming themselves to continue in the downward spiral are truly not fit by their own evolutionary faith. The children that do manage to be born into these homes will grow up, most likely, occupied by the same pursuits in pleasure barring a miracle. Pray much for these poor souls. There is not one family that has not been infected with this unholy devastation.

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