Constitution for Constitution


Constitution: The fundamental law of the United States, framed in 1787, ratified in 1789, and variously amended since then.

With respect to the men who wrote the US Constitution,  and what I believe to be a brilliant effort on their part to create a less fallible system of governance, I want to point out why this fight for its preservation is futile. Constitutional abuses began almost as soon as it was ratified, and there is no reversal on the horizon.

As time progresses, politicians and businessmen find new ways to exploit this document through “loopholes” and party-line translations; or, in simple terms, they are bending it to their will. They have become the deceitful child who knows how many cookies he can eat without his parent knowing that a few have been taken. This idea that the citizenry is the parent only makes us the oblivious; without representation or influence.

By definition, any law that is in conflict with the Constitution is void. I couldn’t possibly address how many unconstitutional laws have been passed, but I would not be surprised how many there have been that are inconsequential to us, or are kept under the table. Something has surely been happening for this country to have morphed from a -philosophically- representative republic, into a full-blown Plutocracy. Who knew this would happen?

Other unconstitutional acts include stunts, pulled off by our FBI, ATF, CIA, NSA, DOD, IRS, DOJ and whatever other three-letter agency you care to cite. We have recently been privileged to find out that our privacy has been compromised for the better part of thirty years, and completely raped since 9/11.

These bills that turn into laws are so easy to find on the internet nowadays, that I chuckle when people are appalled by them. The problem is how they slip these egregious spy bills through without first ringing a bell for all of America’s slumbering patriots to hear. They don’t have to because we never notice the missing cookies.

Constitution: The composition or structure of something; makeup.

I learned this term from The Beastie Boys, on their 1992 album, “Check Your Head”. “You should sleep late man, it’s much easier on your constitution”

(In case of any Bill Murray fans, this line was sampled from “Mr. Roberts #1” from National Lampoon’s That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick!)

Being stressed, or somehow wounded by the abuse of our national document is akin to weeping over a flower, cut days before you saw it. You can no more bring that flower back to life than you can legitimize the constitution. Sure it means so much to us, but to the wielders of our freedom, it might as well be lining a kennel full of puppies.

I have come across people who think of themselves as politically savvy, and at the same time are destroyed and blown away -emotionally- when they realize that most of what is going on in DC amounts to nothing more than a bad drama, on a bad channel. It is especially disheartening when they find out that every morsel of food, every pill, every news network, Facebook and every movie they watch has been tampered with in order to make you think the way you should. An easy example of this is to look at how much your vote counts. Google has a great write-up on that. Search term: “electoral college”.

The State’s freedom to manipulate popular opinion and health is completely unchecked. There is no constitution to protect us from that. This is where we must rely on our intelligence. I know, it’s hard to turn down a gift basket that represents your individuality, but it is possible to think independently of the information going in.

When our intake is coming from mainstream media, pop culture and government propaganda, it can hurt our constitution. We become like bullied kids when we find ourselves in quiet, with no devices defining everything for us. We have anxiety because our minds cannot stop. Our real problems take a back seat to manufactured dramas, designed to keep your brain engaged in trivia.

I am not suggesting we all quit trying to be informed. I am suggesting that we find realistic, transformable pursuits. Find documents to read. Find an honest journalist and read what they have to say about your concerns. They still exist, and it is actually becoming popular to un-spin the news. Your mind will thank you for allowing it to work, and your sex life will improve; really.

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