America’s 50 Shades of Gray

UnknownGray is not just a color, it is a reference to the most uncertain areas of the human conscience compass. An area where many believe rationalization and situations determine whether an action or feeling are right or wrong….white or black. America’s 50 Shades of Gray, exceed the atrocities that are in the book.

While America was born through the strength of conviction of what is right, despite a world that was going wrong, today America is stuck in all shades of gray. A total lack of conviction and complete blurring of lines and definitions has swept America. Everything is changeable; gender, color, race, history, duties, responsibilities and goals. Those who choose to stand by their convictions, recognize that not everyone is equal and that there is a clear wide line between right and wrong are ridiculed and viewed as out of date and old fashioned. In the name of acceptance, tolerance, having an open mind and equality, we have created mass confusion.

Gender has become optional. You are no longer bound by your organs or hormones, your struggles and triumphs as a young female or male. We are now gender blind. To point out someone’s gender is apparently appalling and to even manage to figure out the gender of some people has proven to be quite the challenge…female parts with male hormones and appearance, male parts with female hormones and a male appearaap090724045365-a05184260c150f51a6ab6374ea68f3efeb646339-s300-c85nce…the list is endless. Sexuality is an even worse subject to try and tackle. Race? You can pick that too! You can have black skin and “identify” as white, you can be white and identify as black or you can be hispanic and our media can call you white. Anything goes.

Perhaps the most dangerous change to sweep through the nation is the new notion of “no consequence actions.” People want to commit hobbylobby25crimes and have law enforcement officials treat them like fragile porcelain. People want to have sex and then claim that the baby is inconvenient and just kill it in the womb. People want the government to take care of their every need but cry wolf when the government starts putting stipulations on what they give. Christians are persecuted but refuse to speak about politics from the pulpit. Muslims want to preach the Quran and idolize the murderer Muhammad but do not want people to assume that they approve of violence.

Feelings seem to be the common base on which discussions are lead. Logic, facts and the truth are out the window. Since people feel differently about different issues, nothing is right and nothing is wrong anymore. Men, I believe, are the first victims in this new world. The masculine spirit and character has been destroyed. A man no longer knows how to be a good man. A man who opens a door for a woman could get viciously attacked for thinking the woman unable to open the door herself. If a man walks through the door and lets it slam behind him, then he is being disrespectful to the woman behind him.

Until we go back to a place in our social moral standard where we have standards, our country will never see the light again. As long as we give excuses to those committing crimes and not holding them responsible, we will always find ourselves victims. White and black need a comeback. Gray should be a subject of discussion and debate to increase our moral standards, not used as justification for personal indulgences, selfishness and irresponsible behavior.

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