Alliance vs ISIS?


A Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian alliance against ISIS perhaps may encourage other countries to join it – a possibility likely terrifying Obama officials and their war-mongering partners.

Iraq announced on Sunday that it had signed an agreement to exchange intelligence with Russia, the latest sign of Moscow’s increasingly ambitious intervention into the fight against ISIS. Under the new agreement, which also includes Syria and Iran, the Iraqi military said that four countries would share information about the Islāmic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

As well as increasing the role of Russia in the fight against ISIS, the agreement also serves to put the US — which has been conducting joint military operations with Iraq against ISIS, on the back burner. Russia isn’t eager to fight ISIS, Russia is eager to protect one of their major allies; Syria. Syria is in a multi party Civil War, between the dictator Assad (allies with Russia), Free Syrian Army (rebels), Kurdish freedom fighters (YPG/PKK/Peshmergha/etc), ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc.

Some of those parties are directly fighting forces loyal to Assad, who is a major Russian ally. Russia is stepping in not to combat ISIS, but just to protect Assad’s rule over Syria. They want to make sure he remains in power, and are sending military personnel and equipment to ensure that happens. Anyone who fights against Assad will be confronted by Russian forces and equipment, but they’re not going to seek ISIS If ISIS doesn’t attack Assad’s forces.

China almost never gets involved in combat operations that aren’t directly effecting China. If ISIS was trying to build itself within China, then they would get involved, but China won’t do anything about them as long as they’re not in China, the same reason China’s has stayed out of virtually very international conflict and peacekeeping operation.

The Lebanese-based Al-Masdar Al-‘Arabi (The Arab Source) news site reported “Chinese military advisors” heading for Syria. An unnamed Syrian army source was quoted saying “the Chinese will be arriving in the coming weeks.” They’ll join with their Russian counterparts, involved in training Syrian military personnel in weapons supplied. Beijing is Iraq’s largest oil industry investor. China’s National Petroleum Corporation (NPC) faces huge losses if Islāmic State fighters control its operations. It abandoned its Syrian oil fields earlier. Iraq’s reserves are some of the world’s largest – a key reason for Beijing now apparently getting involved, to protect its regional interests.

Western intervention of the scale and scope required to defeat ISIS will not happen, given popular aversion to further ground commitments of the type that failed to stabilize Afghanistan and Iraq already, and the elite’s political correctness and complacency about the true risks presented by a caliphate.

Russian Fighter Plane

More than 20 Russian fighter jets launched an attack on three provinces in Syria yesterday, after the U.S. was given just one hours’ notice to remove its planes and officials from the area. Russian warplanes began their first military engagement outside the former Soviet Union since the occupation of Afghanistan in 1979. You have to say this for the Russians; they will support their friends and allies. Unlike the West who will throw them under the bus or oncoming train once they out live their usefulness. The Russians are in for the long haul not the short run. Syria is Russia’s only Arab ally, and a friend for 57 years since 1958. A statement from the Syrian state media says President Bashar al-Assad formally requested help from Russia in the ongoing civil war, and that the airstrikes began in response to that. US officials slammed the move, saying Assad has to be removed from power.

What happens next in Syria is the top guessing game among people all over the world right now. Has Mr. Putin finally gone too far? Can anything be salvaged from that awful conflict that could serve Western interests while stopping the rise of the Islāmic State—and perhaps even save innocent lives? What is the aim of Operation Inherent Resolve now that General Allen is leaving the stage? All that’s certain at this point is that President Obama’s flailing war against the Islāmic State is looking for a strategy as well as a new czar.

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