Cloak and Dagger: Flat Earthers Attack ‘The Principle’ – by Anthony Chiozza



Michael Voris conducted an interview in January of 2014 on his show Mic’d Up. His guests were Dr. Sungenis and producer Rick Delano, creators of the film, ‘The Principle.’ The Principle explores a very old and very new idea in cosmology. Is it truly possible that we occupy a special location in the cosmos?  Is the planet Earth in the center of the Universe? Raising these types of questions is liable to get you run out of town very quickly and labeled as a quack, or any other number of derogatory terms. Dr. Sungenis and Rick Delano upped the ante by interviewing the top cosmologists in the world on the topic of geocentrism. For those that are unaware, the idea of geocentrism is that the Earth might be occupying the center of the universe.


Michael Voris had Dr. Sungenis and Rick Delano on his program to explain why a media firestorm erupted around their film just before the release. Suddenly, a film that most people probably didn’t have on their radar, was propelled into the media spotlight with allegations of trickery. Yes, Dr. Sungenis and Rick Delano had “duped” some the top scientists in the world into appearing in a film they received a paycheck for and signed off on. Further, there was an understanding that controversial cosmological topics would be discussed. (1)


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Rick Delano. Just one of the many intriguing topics we discussed is the most recent attack on the film, The Principle. (3)After some success in theaters the film was released to DVD. The film was then stolen and put up on YouTube by an individual from the UK. Whether or not this individual is a part of some wider conspiracy remains to be seen, but it does look as if there is a psyop in play against The Principle. A psyop is a psychological operation that is meant to be a non-violent force multiplier in a war.


Rick points out that the war, in this instance, happens to be in the arena of ideas. The biggest idea is the story of creation itself, who tells that story, and how we view ourselves as a species. The way we perceive our origin is a very powerful idea, as Mr. Delano draws our attention to in the interview. The goal behind this possible psyop is to connect the film The Principle, to the theory of a flat earth, which has absolutely no credibility in the broader scientific community. Thus, by connecting the film to flat earth theory would render any potential credibility The Principle could have had, in the broader public mind, eroded and destroyed. Is there any evidence to support this conspiratorial allegation to erode the credibility of geocentrists?


The day The Principle was released in October 2014, if you view the graph from Google trends, the flat earth searches move from a near flatline to a spike throughout the year into 2015. (2)Coincidence? Maybe, but it seems highly unlikely given the fact that there was such a strong attack against The Principle from mainstream media before the release. Unbelievably, the main stream media, and some celebrities are actually talking about the flat earth theory, and believe it! (4) This idea has essentially become a juggernaut overnight, and the lack of serious criticism from the mainstream media gives rise to further speculation of a psyop. Finally, please take note of the photo in this story. That is a real photo of the international space station from space, and the earth. Notice that the Earth has a parabolic shape. Enough of the flat Earth nonsense already!

Listen to the interview with Rick Delano:


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  • Shibby Doobang Reply

    Let me tell you something about this. This here is a heaping ton of hogwash, but pre-hog. That is, this is some soapy water.

    • Anthony Chiozza Reply

      Hello Joel.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I do enjoy washing pigs from time to time.

  • Jeremy Reply

    Has the Michelson Morley experiment ever been conducted in space?

    • Anthony Chiozza Reply

      Great question! Officially no, however the GPS system is a giant MM experiment. Apparently, while engineers for John Deer were trying to get the GPS system up and running for their tractors found that they had to insert a Lorentz Transform equation to get it to work out correctly. This throws a major kink in special relativity, and also supports MM’s slight result. This also means that vector math with light is possible. For more information order The Principle, purchase Dr. Sungenis book on the topic, or write him directly! Dr. Sungenis takes questions on a regular basis and you might find answers to more questions there.

  • Will Reply

    The Universe doesn’t/cannot have a “center”, the same way the surface of a soap bubble does not have a center

    • Anthony Chiozza Reply

      Thank you for the comment!
      I used to think the same way based on what I was told was true. That assumption of expansion is made because of the “inflaton,” particle which supposedly inflated the universe. Inflatons are the quantum excitation of the inflaton field. This has NEVER been observed, along with many other key elements of the big bang theory. For example, hyper space, also a part of the big bang theory, can never be falsified. I would suggest getting a copy of The Principle, so you can hear what you are not being told regarding contemporary theories in cosmology. God bless and thanks again!

  • 13013 slap Reply

    Looks like you block, remove, and censor anyone you don’t agree with. You ask questions about flat earth and you remove any comments you don’t agree with. That is called damage control! Heavily!

    • Profile photo of Farrah
      Farrah Reply

      We approve all comments, and if it “looks” that way to you, you need to check your eyes.

    • Anthony Chiozza Reply

      We approve every comment we get, and I have given very charitable answers. Your accusation is slander, and does nothing to facilitate a discussion where we can grow together in pursuit of scientific truth. Please feel free to use your real name on the next comment and maybe we can have a thoughtful discussion. Praying for your soul.

  • Hans Georg Lundahl Reply

    I was commenting on a few quotes from GWW, and then came to comment also on FB on his answer to Flat Earthers.

    While not a Flat Earther myself, I think they are more honest and even intelligent than he allows for.

    I start the series on the point where I (temporarily, up till now) leave GWW aside and start commenting on his answer to Flat Earthers.

    He will be joining me for a debate:

    But the continuity of the series is sufficiently apparent from link series in each top section. I give you part six, am now finished with part eight.

  • Linda Leach Reply

    Any one that can critically think and bothers to do their own research on the topic of the flat earth as well as proofs of the dome or firmament will find that this is our earth plane. Everything this luciferian gov’t has brain washed us into believing since kindergarden is pure nonsense, Satan’s agenda is to destroy Gods Word at any cost. Outer space is not real, that photo is bullshit. There have not been any rockets into space 73 miles up and they butte heads with the impenatrable firnament. The truth is no apollo missions no trip period to the moon,satelites are science fiction invented by Aurthor C, Clarke. No Hubble telescope and ISS also just theatre albiet bad theatre. There are some unfortunate pple esp men in their 30’s that to let go of their spinning ball would bring their world crumbling so they cling to the ball no matter what. I am just a woman in search of the truth. The fact that you cannot measure any curvature by the globalists math, No curve, no way it could be a ball.Everyone at first glance thinks how ludicrous a flat earth at the beginning of researching truth for yourself. They won’t debate the flat earthers only because they lost the first debate and cannot take a chance that more pple will wake up and come to the conclusion most of us have and that is question everything, and do your own esearch on everything. Don’t believe me just do your own research. The Principle was an excellant film that it is quite clear why the thousands of news attacking the makers and lieing about antisemitism. These luciferians control achedemia. You are finished if you say well all the provable data points to Geneses. Like Hitler said “Lie big and repeat it often enough and everyone will come to believe it.”Most pple are living under heavy miind control and living in the luciferian matrix. My advice is to put on those sunglasses and take the red pill. Their number one target is Jesus Christ, Why? Because a christian that prays and covers their prayers with fasting and most of who has a close relationship with Yeshua the demons are unable to harm or kill, Everyone else is an easy target. God Bless you guys I pray you will wake up.

    • Profile photo of Anthony Chiozza
      Anthony Chiozza Reply

      I appreciate your opinion and that you are searching for the truth. I am happy to help you in that pursuit. Here are actual structural engineers discussing the adjustments that must be made in structures they build because of the curvature of the Earth.

      Here is the best video I have seen that clears up a lot of the misconceptions people that believe in flat earth use as proof of their theory.

      Finally, regarding the Bible, the majority of the Early Church Fathers agreed that the Earth is a sphere. God bless sister.

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