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10 Reasons to vote TRUMP

Voxer Dan Seigars shares with us today why he is on team Vote Trump. Dan lists some reasons to include:

  1. Trum is not PC
  2. Deportation of illegals
  3. Relocation of Syrian Refugees to safe zones in their own country
  4. Fix free trade market
  5. Experience in business gives him an edge in the job market and making deals
  6. The Elitist, media and leaders around the world hate him
  7. No restrictions on 2nd Amendment
  8. Get out of UN
  9. Ending federally mandated Department of Education
  10. Return most power back to the States.

Dan also sent us links to just about everything he said!

  • Trump Tax plan
  • Syrian refugees, wants to send them to safe zones –
  • One of many occasions Trump has headlines something as controversial and “politically incorrect” topics such as Illegal immigration –


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