Cultural Atheism And The Death Of The West

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New Atheist Generally speaking, the crowd of “new,” atheists are radically dogmatic in their belief in non belief. This is best demonstrated by simply suggesting that, perhaps, God does exist. Maybe, just maybe, there might be some evidence for that. This crowd also tends to follow the progressive-liberal agenda. Likewise there is a deep seeded nihilistic, […]

On Chickens and Self-Esteem

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The last thing that anyone would expect from me is a cutie kind of article but seriously…hear me out. I inherited 4 chickens and a rooster from the folks that rented my house before I moved back in. These creatures were demanding, didn’t lay any eggs and their coop brought bugs and other creepy crawlies […]

Rebel Radio-Author Lina Aziz

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What happens when a Roman Catholic woman marries into Islam? Does the forbidden love story of a non-muslim woman and a muslim man ever end well? Last Sunday, we interviewed Lina Aziz on Rebel Radio….Here is what Lina Aziz, author of Frozen Tears, had to say about it after she lived it: Listen Here! Dear […]

Vox Shot – Ep. 46 – Little Sisters KO Obama

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On today’s Vox Shot Farrah and Anthony discuss the fight between Obama’s White House and the Little Sisters. Also in the news, former Muslim Ms. USA converts to Christianity, and Trump rubs the UK the wrong way. Vox Populi News is the voice of the people. We are the true resistance. We don’t push fear, […]


10 Reasons to vote TRUMP

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Voxer Dan Seigars shares with us today why he is on team Vote Trump. Dan lists some reasons to include: Trum is not PC Deportation of illegals Relocation of Syrian Refugees to safe zones in their own country Fix free trade market Experience in business gives him an edge in the job market and making […]